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Today businesses have to operate with complex corporate and taxation legislation. FINPOS have solutions for all the puzzles your business may face.

  Fringe Benefits Tax

Rules around fringe benefits tax (FBT) payments change regularly. The FINPOS team keep up to date with the latest tax trends and can provide accurate advice on preparing FBT returns. We can also advise you on the FBT consequences of your proposals, ensuring you make the best, informed decisions.

All our tax specialists have sound understanding of regulatory concepts and procedures, and years of relevant experience. They are ready and able to guide you through the treacherous territory of taxation.

Don't pay excessive FBT. Let us help you to develop and administer a cost-effective employee benefit plan.

  Goods and Services Tax

The goods and services tax (GST) system is a complex and confusing one, and every transaction now has an associated GST issue. FINPOS are experienced in these issues and can offer expert advice on the GST implications for your business.

Our GST-related services include:

  • advice on registering for GST
  • support filing and adjusting GST returns
  • help with Australian Taxation Office audits.
  Company Secretary Function

Company legislation requires businesses to perform several administrative tasks. The last thing you need as a business owner is to spend valuable time trying to comply with the Corporations Law, while penalties make failing to keep up with ever-changing rules too great a risk to take.

FINPOS can solve this dilemma by providing general advice on company law relevant to your business, as well as helping you to:

  • manage company formations
  • file annual returns
  • prepare all documentation related to minutes and resolutions
  • maintain statutory books
  • manage changes of directors, shareholders, addresses and office details
  • handle bonus issues
  • coordinate share transfers
  • act as your registered office.

Let FINPOS help you get back to running your business.

  Management Consulting

At FINPOS our aim is to ensure your business achieves its full potential. We have the know-how to offer tailored advice that helps you run your business more effectively. We're also practised in acting as a sounding board for management, bringing years of experience in business growth to the relationship.

Our professional consultants can check that your business is as competitive, focused and profitable as it can be, and then provide flexible strategies designed to address any issues affecting it. They can also identify key performance indicators that will enable you to see positive changes occurring.

Let us give your business a health check to secure the ongoing success of your venture.

  Payroll Administration

Payroll and employment legislation grows increasingly complicated, and administering your payroll can divert you from your core business activities.

FINPOS can relieve you of this time-consuming but important function by providing a comprehensive, confidential payroll service that:

  • develops customised payslips
  • administers PAYG (pay as you go), statutory sick pay and annual leave entitlements
  • manages Australian Taxation Office filing
  • provides summaries and analysis of staff costs
  • administers incentive schemes, bonuses and termination payments.

Even if you only have a few employees, you will experience the benefits of engaging us to administer your payroll.

  Selling a Business

Selling a business can be a difficult, disheartening time, and the tasks involved can seem particularly arduous. FINPOS can remove this unwanted burden with services that enable you to:

  • obtain comparative results
  • establish a realistic sale price
  • take the business to the market
  • negotiate with potential purchasers
  • arrange for a legal practitioner to draft a contract.

Our friendly, professional team will help you to maximise the return on your business.

  Strategic Planning

The pressures of daily business can often mean forward planning takes a back seat. But to have a successful business it's vital to look ahead. We can help you develop a strategic plan that examines where you want your business to be in the future, and exactly how you and your team can achieve those objectives.

Your strategic plan will:

  • define the characteristics of your company in three to five years
  • identify your competitors
  • define your objectives and financial goals
  • include an effective implementation strategy.

Let us help you realise your business vision by documenting a clear and practical strategic plan.

  Succession Planning

To ensure the long-term success of your business, it's critical to have a well-designed succession plan. FINPOS can help you address the complex issues involved in transitioning your business to your successors, removing this stress from your shoulders.

Contact us for more information on forming a plan that facilitates a hassle-free continuation of your business.


A trust provides a valuable way to protect the assets you have accumulated for the benefit of others. Our extensive experience with trusts enables us to offer specialist advice on trust formation and ensure all the statutory obligations are met.

FINPOS can help you to:

  • prepare and execute the vital documentation required for trust formation
  • attend to the special requirements involved in reporting for trusts
  • complete the administration involved with trust minute-keeping, annual accounts, taxation, asset management, investment monitoring and income distribution.

Contact us to ensure your trust is formed and administered as effectively as possible.

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